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While I will do everything I can to ensure your wedding day is remembered for all the right reasons, there are several steps you can take to help create a successful wedding ceremony.

Outdoor Ceremonies

If you are planning an outdoor wedding it is a good idea to have an alternative, undercover venue as a backup. Rain, storms, wind and even extreme temperatures can quickly spoil your enjoyment, as well as that of your guests. You can also select a trusted member of your bridal party to call and advise guests if there is a change of venue due to inclement weather. To make their job easier, when printing invitations you can include their contact details at the bottom of the page and ask guests to call them regarding a change of venue if the weather is inclement.

Ceremonies in public places

If you wish to hold your ceremony in a public place, such as a park, you will need to contact the local Council for permission. It is wise to book popular venues, such as South Bank Parklands early as they tend to book out well in advance. There is often a small fee involved when you book a public venue, however it varies depending upon the location.

Your guests

By taking some simple steps you can demonstrate to your guests that you appreciate their support and care about them. Nominating ushers to greet guests and present them with your ‘Order of Service’ is one way to make guests feel comfortable. Another thoughtful gesture is to have an usher assist elderly or sick guests to their seats if necessary. If you are planning on asking guests to stand throughout the ceremony it is a very good idea to provide fold-up chairs for elderly relatives, guests that have been unwell and mums-to-be. This shows that you have considered them, and helps ensure that they enjoy the ceremony as much as everyone else.


While it is tradition for the bride to be late, bear in mind that this can cause problems if the bride is excessively late. If your wedding is taking place at a popular venue, another wedding ceremony may be booked for soon after yours and you may risk being moved along. Guests and the groom can also grow impatient if the bride is running very late, especially if it is extremely hot or cold. To avoid problems arising have a detailed time schedule that you and your bridal party adhere to. Show this to your beautician and hairdresser so that they are aware they have a timeframe which they must work to. Also allow time for unexpected “hiccups” to occur, such as a broken strap, and have someone on hand that can help fix any problems and calm your nerves!


Music is a fantastic way to create a special atmosphere at your wedding and add a unique element to your ceremony. Music options are only limited by your imagination, with popular choices including string quartets, harpists, organ players and even opera singers. Many couples also like to play a song that is special to them, such as one that was playing when they became engaged, or even write and perform their own song during the ceremony, instead of reading a poem. Many couples choose to have music played at the following times:

  • When guests begin to arrive
  • When the bridal party appear
  • When the register is being signed
  • When the bride and groom make their departure

Denise and I want to express our gratitude to you for acting as celebrant at our wedding. We appreciate all the effort you placed into the nuptials including those special touches that made our day so special. We highly valued your professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends who are planning to marry.


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